BHN has focused research and planning efforts towards
improving care for transition-age youth (ages 15-25) with
behavioral health needs, as they transition into adult care. From
their research, BHN has produced specific recommendations for
supporting these transitions: (1) Utilize technology to improve
outreach, inter-agency communication, service coordination, and
data collection; (2) Enhance the continuity of the transition from
youth to adult services among providers and systems; (3)
Develop training curricula and modules in adolescent cognitive
social/emotional development; (4) Develop advocacy agenda to
secure appropriate funding and policies to meet this population’s
service needs. BHN has developed the Transition Age Youth
Workgroup, comprised of more than 40 key youth services
leaders, who regularly meet to develop strategies building
from these recommendations.

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Group Texting Pilot

Through a collaboration of regional children and youth acute metal health service providers, BHN has worked to develop and pilot a technology solution to expedite placement of youth from Emergency Departments (ED) to regional acute psychiatric inpatient settings. The team utilized the phone application “GroupMe” as way to facilitate interactive communications about needs and acute capacity—and enable data capture regarding the service match. This program has shown promising results with decreased referral times, greater resource access, and more efficient provider coordination.

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